Our First Week

God is so good! Despite the fact that I (Erin) had a terrible cold, the journey to Kenya was good. We made all flights, and the Lord definitely blessed us with travel mercies. Settling into life in Kisumu has been definitely been interesting so far. Keith has learned to drive on the wrong side of the road and is an excellent driver. (I mourn for the day that I get behind the wheel, so does the rest of Kisumu J). We have learned our way around town, which is a huge blessing. We had our first successful shopping trip to the Nakumatt (Naki Mart as people in the states call it). We purchased chips, hot dogs, orange juice, and carrots for dinner one night this week. I know it sounds a little weird for dinner, but it was really fun!

In our transition we have been blessed to stay with a missionary family living in Kisumu, the Nicholson family. They are the biggest blessing we could have ever prayed for in preparation for our journey. They have opened their home and hearts up to us. They have fed us, showed us around town, and encouraged us in so many ways. Our time with them is coming to a close and we could not be more grateful for everything that they have done for us.

We are still in the process of searching for a home. This has been a harder job than we originally had imagined. The inventory on the market is quite expensive or needs work beyond what we could complete. However, the Lord has been so faithful to us and has provided a few options that might just work.

Thank you for praying for us. We can truly feel the prayers from home! We are so excited as we continue to transition and know that the Lord is ordaining everything in his time.

5 thoughts on “Our First Week

  1. I am so proud of you and pray for you all during the day and before I go to sleep. Right now it is 1:09 a.m. I am praying you have a good night of rest. Sleep well my friends. Love you, Cathy

  2. I’m glad to hear things are going well. I pray for you numerous times a day. Each day when I see a DG truck, store, or HQ I pray for you. When I see a white Lexus I pray for you. When I see anything Apple… The list goes on. Love you both and know we are with you in spirit!

  3. Sweet friends, I am praying for u right now and confident that our precious God is going before you and is lighting your way. Loved reading your sweet words. We miss u and love u. Keep us posted on specific prayer requests. Love u!

  4. Was just thinking you the two of you and what you might be doing so I thought I would post. You’re in my prayers. 🙂

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