Preparing the Way

It has been an exciting week in Kisumu (Kee su mu). The preparation for the summer teams is heavily underway. Being here in Kenya for the preparation this year has lent a new perspective to the work that takes place through the summer teams. Keith has led mission’s teams on behalf of First Baptist Hendersonville in the past. This demands a serious amount of time invested to ensure that all is in order before departure. However, here in Kenya the groundwork needed is very different.

Yesterday we drove to Migori, a small village about 3 hours away from Kisumu. We went with the sole purpose of meeting the Director of Health for that County. The pastors had already met with the Minister of Health over the town that several clinics were to take place this summer. The Minister of Health was a bit difficult, as he wanted transcripts from every medical personnel helping on the trip this summer, what their specialty area was in school, and where they were currently practicing in the United States. After meeting with the Director, we were able to have Doctor Joseph write a letter with the names of those assisting in the medical clinics this summer with their basic information. Praise God! Once the letter has been submitted, the Director will call the Minister of Health and give the authority to allow the medical clinics.

At home we prepare to come through rigorous packing, team meetings, gathering of all pertinent information, and many other ways. In Kenya, it is more of an unpacking process. Our prayer is that God will continue to break down the barriers of people’s hearts, even those that are part of the authorization process. We look so forward to the harvest that will come through the work occurring now in the United States and here in Kenya.

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