The greatness of God…

Ezekiel 38:23 “I will display My greatness and holiness, and will reveal Myself in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am Yahweh.”

Throughout time, the greatness of God has been evident. From leading the Israelites out of Egypt, rescuing Daniel from the lion’s den, and sending his son to die for all of mankind, his greatness was on display.

The first team has come and now returned home. However, the legacy that they left continues on. During this first trip, we saw patients, served 2,575 children, administered 13,835 prescriptions, and witnessed 729 people make professions of faith. It is hard to put into words the greatness of God! His mercy endures forever on all generations. Through the partnership of small mission teams we are able to be used by the Lord for huge change. Not only is it spiritual change, but breaking down barriers in Kenya. We are able to help in the eventual defeat of female circumcision, shifting a godless culture of witchdoctors and shaman, and ending customary traditions that leave young women as widows.

However, his Gospel does not come without attacks from the enemy. When the team arrived to depart for Nashville, they learned that their flight out was cancelled. The team had to be re-booked in two separate groups to Nairobi. Once the entire team had arrived, it was discovered that only 11 of 24 bags made it to the end destination. This team had come to help host medical camps in two areas of Kenya. With only half of the medicine and equipment in tow, we began the weeks worth of clinics. Once arriving in the first destination, we discovered that our credit card number was being used fraudulently in the United States. We had to immediately cancel the card and request that a new one be mailed to Erin’s parents house in the States. This now left us with no personal credit card in Kenya until the next team could bring the new one. We completed 3 clinics in Bumala and then headed home. Keith and I left the night before the team to prepare our home, as the team was stopping there the next day for refreshments. On the way home, Satan attacked again. We came very nearly close to hitting a child who ran out in front of the vehicle that evening (full story for another post). By God’s grace and God’s grace alone, we made it safely back to Kisumu. Satan continued to attack in other ways throughout the remainder of the trip but God was faithful. It is amazing how God works through his people. What a joy it is to be a part of the work He is doing in the lives of Kenyans. We cannot wait to share with you what he does through the next team!


One thought on “The greatness of God…

  1. Wow! Ya’ll were able to help sooooo many people, with only half the meds. Still praying for you and all those you come in contact. So glad to hear the little girl was safe. You stay safe too. Please always be careful and aware. I look forward to your next post.

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