Giraffes and Lions…

IMG_0628It has been such a fun season watching Cooper grow these last few months. The exploration, imagination, and learning has accelerated at an exponential level. He is an explorer at heart and desires to touch anything and everything! He has a sweet Little People Noah’s ark set that has caught his attention for now. He loves playing with the animals, learning their names, sorting them by type, setting Noah up, and looking at their unique features.


As we were playing, I was caught off guard at how much I enjoyed this as well. Even as an adult, there is something special about each animal and its uniqueness. The same is true about us as human beings. God has created all of us unique. Literally, no one is alike. Psalms tells us that “we are beautifully and uniquely made” (139:14).  Yet, at the core we all have the same desires. We all have the same basic needs. We need to feel love. We need to be loved.


What does that mean as an adult to be “loved“? Maybe that love is found in a family, a spouse, or friends. Maybe we try to find this love in things, goals, a career. But where is love found? Can we search it out? Can we truly know it? The answer is yes. We find this love in the Father. We find this love in forgiveness we do not deserve. We find this love in the sacrifice of the man Jesus Christ on the cross. Is this powerful love for you? Do you know this love? Do you find and see the uniqueness in all around you because of the Father’s love? My prayer for you today is that the Lord would open your heart to feel the fullness of his love, that the Lord would open your eyes to love others with this love. They may look like a Giraffe and you appear more like a Lion, but at the core we are all the same. At the core we yearn for the unconditional, unending love of the Father. May you know love and be love to someone today!


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