Meet the Holloways

The Holloways
Founders of Mungu With Us
Keith & Erin Holloway

Our “about us” began 11 years ago.   We originally met at church in middle school; however, it was during an unfortunate looking period in both of our lives.  We re-met during high school at First Baptist Hendersonville Summer Camp! We ignited a friendship immediately,  and began dating July 1, 2003.  We got married on June 27, 2009 and have been living happily ever after.

I (Erin) felt called to long-term missions a bit before Keith felt the call. I was at FCA camp in St. Simmons, Georgia my freshman year in high school. The worship band was leading and a song from Hillsong United was being played (You Said). The chorus of this song states “distant shores and the islands will see the light.” In this moment, the Lord audibly spoke to me and stated that “You will go to the distant shores to see and be the light.” I patiently waited for the time that this would occur. I continued to actively participate in local and short-term foreign missions, until the day the Lord revealed His will. Continue reading Meet the Holloways